NCM Moscow M3 Electric Bike Review

About the brand:


NCM is an electric bike brand that has been in Australia since 2014 and is one of the largest electric bike brands in the world. NCM is a company based in Germany that produces different bike models including Moscow M3 that I will talk about.


NCM Moscow M3 x NCM Moscow (previous model):


NCM Moscow M3 arrived in Australia in December 2020 and is the upgraded version from the old NCM Moscow. Listed in the table below are the differences between the two models:



The new Moscow M3 is equipped with wider tires and a lighter frame that brings more comfort for the rider and also more grip during the ride.





Another improvement is the built-in front light that runs using the bike battery and can be turned on through the display screen.



The battery on the new model is more integrated to the frame that gives a lighter design aestethic to the bike and also a better attachment for the battery.





The only downside to the new model is the reduced battery size; 13Ah to 12Ah however the reduced battery size doesn’t compromise the distance you can ride on the bike too much. The maximum range was reduced from 120km to 110km. 


Sizing chart:


The bike comes in three different sizes to comfortably fit riders from 160cm to 193cm tall.




The new model still uses the same gear system and breaks as the previous model, which function really well.


Possible bike upgrades:


. Rear rack and rear light


The rear rack is a very good option for people who want to carry pannier bags or also install a rear basket. Is recommended to also install a rear light attached to the rack.

. Off-Road Display including throttle and 500W motor (Strictly for Off Road Use Only)



Upgrading your bike with an off-road display will enable cyclists to ride using the throttle and also increase the speed limit up to 45 km/h. The original 250w motor delivers enough power to reach around 32km/h.


If you are aiming to reach speeds higher than 32km/h, it is possible to upgrade the motor for a 500w that will deliver enough power to reach around 45km/h. 

Reminder that these upgrades are for off-road use only.


Bike Maintenance:


NCM electric bikes are very reliable and is very easy to find spare parts because the brand is the most popular in Australia. Although not frequently an issue, fixing any electronic problems will be reasonably priced and many e-bike shops will have sufficient knowledge to repair.


Owning a NCM e-bike you can expect to spend similar amount on upkeep maintenance as you would with a standard bicycle; the main difference is that you may need to change the brake pads more frequently than a normal bike; around every 600km to 900km depending how you ride and how heavy you are.


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