Toland Huntsman: Power and Versatility for Every Ride

Toland Huntsman: Power and Versatility for Every Ride

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The Toland Huntsman is an electric bike that packs a punch. Built for speed and endurance, this beast is Toland's top model, designed to thrill adventurers and make daily commutes a breeze. With its sturdy frame and cutting-edge features, the Huntsman is ready to take on city streets and off-road trails alike.


Frames designed for every rider

The Toland Huntsman gives you choices right from the start. You can pick between a tough step-over or an easy-access step-through frame. Both are built for strength and stability, perfect for anyone who wants a durable and reliable e-bike. No matter which frame you choose, you'll enjoy a smooth ride with plenty of control, whether you're zipping through the city or tackling rough terrain.

Standard Features on Both Models: 

  • Integrated Lights: Stay visible and safe with built-in lights.
  • Rear Rack: Carry up to 24kg, great for groceries or gear.
  • Footpegs: Invite a friend along for the ride (max load of 150kg).
  • Colored display

    Model Choices: Dual Suspension or Step-Through?

    When it comes to the Toland Huntsman, you’ve got two main choices: the Huntsman ST with a step-through frame or the Huntsman with dual suspension. Both models pack a serious punch but are tailored for different riding styles.

    Huntsman ST (Step-Through)

    • Motor: 750W
    • Battery: 48V 17Ah (Samsung Cells)
    • Range: Great for most rides and commutes.
    • Frame: Easy to get on and off with the step-through design.
      Perfect for riders who want a blend of power and ease of use.


    Huntsman (Dual Suspension)

    • Motor: 1000W
    • Battery: 48V 20Ah (Samsung Cells)
    • Upgrades: Extra rear suspension and puncture-resistant tires.
      Ideal for long-distance rides and handling bumpy terrain with ease.

    Review Huntsman

    Riding Experience

    Hopping on the Toland Huntsman is a game changer. It blends the simple pleasure of riding a bike with the power of electric assistance. Even if you’re new to e-bikes, you’ll find the pedal-assist feature easy to use.

    • Getting Started: Just get on, start pedaling, or twist the throttle (for off-road use only). The motor kicks in smoothly, helping you maintain or boost your speed. You can pick from five assistance levels to match your riding needs.
    • Acceleration: The Huntsman provides a steady boost as you pedal, giving you smooth starts and controlled acceleration. This design keeps you safe and stable as you pick up speed.
    • Cruising: Once you're at cruising speed, the Huntsman glides effortlessly. The wide tires provide great stability, and the hydraulic disc brakes are super responsive, letting you control your speed with ease.

    Off-Road Performance

    The Huntsman shines off-road too. Its rear suspension, chunky tires, and solid frame handle potholes and rough trails like a pro. Whether you’re exploring forest paths or rugged urban shortcuts, this bike offers a smooth and controlled ride.

    • Suspension: The adjustable rear DNM suspension absorbs bumps and dips effortlessly.
    • Maneuverability: Designed to handle uneven terrain, it feels natural to stand on the pedals and tackle obstacles.

    Speed and Power

    Wondering about top speed? On open roads, both the Huntsman and Huntsman ST can hit thrilling speeds up to 45 km/h (for private use). This makes them some of the most powerful e-bikes around, perfect for quick and efficient travel.

    Battery and Charging

    The Huntsman’s battery setup is all about convenience. It’s mounted securely on the frame but is easy to remove for charging. This means you can bring the battery indoors to charge, no need to haul the whole bike.

    • Battery Life: Expect around 50km on a single charge, enough for daily commutes and most rides. For longer adventures, the Plus model offers an even greater range.
    • Charging: Charging is simple, like plugging in your phone or laptop. A full charge takes a few hours, so just leave it overnight, and you’re good to go for the next day.


    The Toland Huntsman is an e-bike that delivers big on both power and versatility. Its rugged build, high-speed potential, and comfy ride make it a top pick for anyone who needs a reliable bike for a mix of city and off-road adventures. Whether you’re commuting, exploring trails, or just enjoying a leisurely ride, the Huntsman is built to handle it all.

    With its strong construction, user-friendly design, and impressive performance, the Huntsman is a top-notch ride at a great price. It’s perfect for those who crave adventure without giving up comfort and reliability.