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About the brand:

NCM is an electric bike brand that has been in Australia since 2014 and is one of the largest electric bike brands in the world. NCM is a company based in Germany that produces different bike models including Milano T3 and Milano Plus that I will talk about. 



Inspired by the Fashion Capital of Europe the NCM Milano is designed to ride as elegant as it looks. This E-bike is designed with a tough aluminum frame, and an adjustable handlebar/stem setup, with a sprung seat post for improved comfort. The Milano comes in two versions, the T3s (released on 2022) and Plus ( 2016).


Key Features:  

  • Ergonomic bicycle Grips
  • Comfortable sitting posture
  • All important controls easily accessible
  • Supplied with 48V controller to deliver a high output power
  • Over 768Wh capacity (Plus version)for a longer distance
  • Reach up to 80 km (T3s) and 140km for the Plus version, depending on conditions
  • Easily removable battery so you can charge it anywhere


NCM Milano T3 x NCM Milano Plus:

The arrival of the NCM Milano T3 in Australia in December 2022 introduced a revamped frame design and a distinct battery shape compared to the NCM Milano Plus, which made its debut back in 2016.

Outlined in the table below are the differences = between the two models:

Das-Kit X15 motor, 48V 250W, max speed 25 km/h
Das-Kit X15 motor, 48V 250W, max speed 25 km/h
Das-Kit i6-4812, 576Wh, 48V 12Ah
DEHAWK i5-4816P, 768Wh, 48v 16Ah, Panasonic, with USB Port
Das-Kit L7, LCD Display
Das-Kit C7, LCD Display
Das-Kit, DC482 48V 2A
DC483DE 48V 2A
Suntour Nex 63mm
Suntour Nex 63mm
Wellgo, B087
Wellgo, B087
Up to 80km 
Up to 100km
Tektro Mechanical Disc
Tektro Hydraulic Disc
Shimano Altus M310, 7 speed
Shimano Acere M360, 8 speed
Shimano Altus M310, 7 speed
Shimano Acere M360, 8 speed
Selle Royal, FREEWAY
Selle Royal Gel Saddle, Brown
Shwalbe Marathon, 26×2.0 28×1.5 
Shwalbe Marathon, 26×2.0 28×1.5
Velo, Brown Leather
Velo, Brown Leather
Alu. 6061, 457/480MM
Alu. 6061, 457/480MM


  •  The Milano T3 is  equipped with a head light that can be switched on via a button on the display.



  • On the Milano Plus the head light is switched on by pressing a button on its top part. 

On the Milano Plus the head light is switched on by pressing a button on its top part



  • The Milano T3 is equipped with a 7-speed cassette, while the Plus version offers an upgrade with an 8-speed configuration.

  • Both models feature an identical rear rack capable of supporting up to 25kg, complete with an integrated light for added functionality.



  • The latest Milano T3 model boasts an enhanced integration of the battery within the frame, lending the bike a sleeker design while ensuring superior battery attachment.



Possible bike upgrades: 

 Off-Road Display including throttle and 500W motor (Strictly for Off Road Use Only)


moscow m3 off road display

Sizing chart:

  • The bike comes in three different sizes to comfortably fit riders from 160cm to 188cm (26" wheels) and 170cm to 198cm (28" wheels)

Bike Maintenance:

NCM electric bikes are very reliable and is very easy to find spare parts because the brand is the most popular in Australia. Although not frequently an issue, fixing any electronic problems will be reasonably priced and many e-bike shops will have sufficient knowledge to repair.


Owning a NCM e-bike you can expect to spend similar amount on upkeep maintenance as you would with a standard bicycle; the main difference is that you may need to change the brake pads more frequently than a normal bike; around every 600km to 900km depending how you ride and how heavy you are.


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