What is the difference between a regular bicycle and an electric bike?

What is the difference between a regular bicycle and an electric bike?

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The electric bike market in Australia is booming. Because of environmental concerns, many Australians are now turning to electric bikes as an alternative to traditional petrol-powered vehicles. People are attracted to the convenience and efficiency of electric bikes and the fact that they are more environmentally friendly make these bikes even more popular.

Electric bike and regular bicycle

An electric bicycle is very similar to traditional bicycles with the only real difference being the added electrical components. Some elements differentiate an electric bike from a regular non-electric bike like: the motor, pedal sensor, battery, controller, and display. 

The electric bike technology has advanced rapidly in recent years and basically two types of motors can be found: mid drive system, which is fitted next to the bike’s chain wheel and hub motor ebikes, which have the motor installed either in the front or rear wheels. The way these two types of motor work is quite similar, as soon as the rider start pedaling the motor kicks in. Making it very similar to the way a push bike behaves, with the main difference being  that the motor will add an extra power to the  natural rider’s input, turning things much easier, flattening the hills.

Electric Bikes and Move Bikes

According to the Australian Bicycle Association, sales of electric bikes have grown by more than 50% in the past few years. This has been driven by the increasing popularity of electric bikes among a wide range of consumers, including both younger and older riders. In addition, electric bikes are becoming increasingly affordable, with many models now available for under $2,000. This has made them accessible to a bigger range of people.

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