DiroDi Rover Retro Fat Tyre - Electric Bike - Review

DiroDi Rover Retro Fat Tyre - Electric Bike - Review

DiroDi Rover Retro Fat Tyre Electric Bike - Review


Electric fat tire bikes are a type of electric bicycle (e-bike) equipped with

oversized, wide tires. These wide tires provide several advantages:

1. Enhanced Traction: The wider tires offer improved traction,

making them suitable for various terrains, including sand, snow,

mud, and rough trails. This makes electric fat tire bikes excellent

choices for off-road riding.

2. Comfortable Ride: The larger tires absorb shocks and provide a

more comfortable ride. The increased air volume in the tires allows

for lower tire pressure, which can be adjusted to suit the terrain

and rider's comfort.

3. Stability: The wider tires and lower tire pressure contribute to

increased stability. This stability is especially useful in challenging

conditions where a standard bike might struggle to maintain


4. Versatility: Electric fat tire bikes are versatile and can be used for

various purposes, including commuting, recreational riding, and

touring. They are also popular in bikepacking due to their ability to

carry heavy loads.

5. Electric Assistance: These bikes come equipped with electric

motors and batteries, which provide pedal-assist or throttle control.

The electric assistance makes it easier to ride, especially in

challenging terrains and for longer distances


DiroDi Rover Black


DiroDi Rover is one of our most popular fat tyre e-bikes that comes with option of step through or step over frame. The motor has plenty of torque that makes easy go uphills around Sydney. The bike also has integrated the rear rack into the frame and improved its load capacity to an impressive 50 kg. Plus, you can add a second battery (48V 20AH) for more than twice the range of the bike. As a bonus, all orders come with a complimentary aluminium rear basket.


DiroDi Rover Baskets


You can find the DiroDI Rover in three different colours:



DiroDi Blue


Matte Black

Dirodi Rover



This e-bike is well-suited for riders who want to explore a wide range of terrains, including beach riding, snowy trails, or light off-road paths. It provides an opportunity to venture off the beaten path and experience the great outdoors in a way that traditional bikes might not allow.

The Rover (750w- 48v) is powered by a 750 watt motor and has a torque of 85 N.m for great hill climbing power, as well as being able to reach the speed of 40 km/h (but is locked to default speed at 25 km/h). The unique customised controller allows you to switch from 750w to 500w and 250w which gives you the option to conserve battery life depending on the terrain you are riding through. Rover has a brushless motor which has a long life and does not need maintenance service until you cross 40000 km.


The DiroDi rover is the best option for you and your passenger everywhere from city leisure riding to weekend camping adventures. It is a bike that easily carries two adults with no trouble. You can name it the ultimate bike for families. Its large comfortable saddle, strong frame, and ease of handling make it easy for two people to enjoy their time together. This unique bike surely provides a great experience for you and your companion everywhere!